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Miss Barbara Roberts


Miss Roberts started our school back in 1950 at the young age of 16. She has had an enormous and positive impact, not only on the vast number of pupils that she taught up to 2000 but on all other and current pupils who have enrolled at Brsdance.

A lengthier detail of Miss Roberts' history and contribution can be found in our Facebook posts “Brs-dance 70th Anniversary : History of Barbara Roberts” which were posted in recognition of the school’s 70th anniversary year in 2020.

Miss Roberts has remained an important constant to the school throughout her and the school’s life. Her values of maintaining high standards and commitment across all aspects of our school’s experience have followed through into the millennium and beyond.

Today, Miss Roberts may seem to the newcomers as the lady in the corner, taking the register and chipping in with constructive comments! The fact that we are all here though and continuing to thrive is her legacy and one that all the team knows that she still gains immeasurable pleasure from.

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