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Adult Classes

We offer multiple classes for our adult dancers including Ballet, Tap and Broadway. You do not need any previous dance or fitness experience, just an appetite to dance and try something new.


There are many benefits to attending an adult dance class including:

  • Increase muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness

  • Improved co-ordination, balance and body control

  • Improved flexibility

  • Improved posture, core strength and body awareness

  • Increased energy levels

  • Improved cognitive function to keep your mind sharp

  • Weight loss and improved body image

  • Increased self confidence

  • Opportunity to meet new people

  • Have fun!

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Adult Ballet

We offer three levels of ballet for our adult dancers so there is a class for everyone. These classes allow you to escape the real world into one of beautiful music and movement.


Our Beginner Adult Ballet is perfect for those who have never danced before or danced a small amount when they were younger. Our Improver Adult Ballet is for those who danced to a higher standard when they were younger but have taken a break. The aim of these classes is to teach and refine the ballet technique whilst getting fit and having fun. 


Our Advanced Adult Ballet is for those who have a firm foundation of ballet training and are ready for the challenge of advanced ballet movements. 

Adult Tap

We offer two levels of tap for our adult dancers so it doesn't matter if you have never worn a pair of tap shoes or if you have been tapping since the age of 3.

Adult Tap Group 1 is the group for those who have never tapped before and those who are learning the foundations of tap. This is a fun and lively class that focuses on learning the basic tap steps and performing them in sequences.

Adult Tap Group 2 is for the more advanced tappers out there. This class offers you a challenge and focuses on more difficult tap sequences and steps. 

If you are unsure which group you fit into please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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Broadway Baby

Have you ever watched a West End or Broadway production and wished you could join in? 


Broadway Baby is a musical theatre style class but "don't worry" there is no singing required! Have fun dancing to your favourite songs whilst learning new steps and unleashing your theatrical side. 

Increase your confidence, musicality, dance abilities and most importantly smile!

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