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Tap is one of our most popular dance styles. These fun and vibrant classes help improve our pupils rhythm, stamina and musicality. The best part is you're allowed to make lots of noise! Classes are available from age 5 and there's no age limit because anyone can tap, all you need is a pair of tap shoes. 

Students have the opportunity to take bbodance examinations.

Why everyone should learn tap:

  • Everybody can do it - Whether you are a young child just starting dance lessons, or an adult who has always secretly wanted to try, there is a class and a level for you.

  • It makes a lot of noise - For children who are always being told to sit down and be quiet, being allowed to stand up and make noise can be particularly cathartic.

  • Increases cognitive function - Tap consists of learning rhythm patterns and lots of mathematics when repeating, reversing and counting the rhythm.

  • It's a great workout - The increase in heart rate makes for a great cardio workout that is much more fun than going for a jog. 

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