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Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre classes are fun, performance based classes that involve both singing and dance training. Songs are selected from a wide range of of musical productions from stage and screen. This also encourages students to explore shows they haven't experienced. Classes are available to pupils who are working in Grade 1 level in either ballet or tap. 

Vocal Training

Pupils are trained in the basic fundamentals of singing:

  • pitch

  • rhythm

  • breath control

  • expression

  • projection

Pupils also learn how to sing as part of a group.

Vocal Training
Dance Training

Pupils are taught choreographed dance sequences to accompany each song.


The style of dance used is chosen to complement the style of each specific song.


Pupils are encouraged to develop a wide range of stylistic movement interpretations in order to portray effectively different characters and roles.

Dance Training
  • Learn and refine singing techniques

  • Learn and practice acting techniques and performance

  • Learn to co-ordinate singing with dance movement

  • Gain an interest in both stage and on screen musicals

  • Performance opportunities

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Gives pupils a chance to explore their imagination 

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