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Miss Anne Millington

Principal Emerita

I was privileged to become the Principal of Brsdance in 2000 when Miss Roberts retired. Up to this point I had taught along side my Mum within our school for many years (as well as in schools, colleges and universities), having trained in dance, music, dance teaching and education through bbodance and a number of universities.

In my role as principal, my aim has always been to ensure a pupil centred approach to the teaching at Brsdance, maintaining a high quality of tuition where ballet technique is at the heart of our training.

I will always feel honoured to have been a young teacher when our organisation was under the directorship of John Field and Anne Heaton during the 1980s, when much of our beautiful bbodance ballet syllabus was first introduced.

I am immensely proud of each and every pupil who commits to our school, to our training and values and who ultimately takes what they have learnt into their future lives as adults. It is also particularly joyous to follow those students who take the special, yet challenging role of forging a career within the Performing Arts.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have my team of teachers to support both me and all the pupils and I am truly optimistic about our future as a high quality Wirral dance school as we continue to move forwards in the coming years.

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